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Kompost-Extrakt (KEX) Anwendung im GemüsebauBIONIKA Compost-Extracts are  used  successfully
in various areas of vegetable production.

The compelling result are based on several natural principles:

  • The nutrients, which are  extracted  from BIONIKA-
    Composts  are present as oxygen compounds, that
    further plant growth optimally.
    (Composts, which were not produced by a strictly aerobic, controlled process, contain nutrients in the form of hydrogen compounds, that accelerate plant growth (because of over-fertilization), weaken the immune system of plants and attract pests.)  

  • Furthermore, bioactive substances (like vitamins, enzymes, etc.) are extracted from BIONIKA-Extract-Compost, that ensure healthy and pestresistant crops, trough their positive effect on the immune system of the plants.

  • BIONIKA-Extract-Composts contain a diversity of aerobic microlife, which have an effect directly on the surface of the leaves and are also introduced into the ground, where the microflora contributes to the protection of the plant and the ability to produce humus.

Compost-Extracts (KEX) have been proven successful on all types of vegetables crops, in research and practice. Their economic benefits are undisputed and highly convincing.
The application practices and -amounts vary accourding to crops, nutrient demand, disease pressure caused by ambient conditions, etc. For application recommendations please turn to “Application”.

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