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Compost-Extraction-System 10/40TM

The System 10 is ideal for homeowners, small nursery operations and research environments. This model delivers the same reliable performance as our larger Systems, with greater portability and convenience. Our patented Compost-Extraction-SystemsTM are designed for durability, ease of use, and years of safe and consistent operation. 


Kompost-Extraktionsgerät KES 10/40
KES 10/40 

Compost-Extraction-System 25/100TM

The System 25 is the ideal size for one to five acre operations including specialty plant nurseries and farms, large home gardens and landscapes, retail garden centers and research facilities.


 Kompost-Extraktionsgerät KES 25/100
KES 25/100

Compost-Extraction-System 100/400TM

The System 100, our most popular model, is ideal for operations of 10 to 50 acres. This durable System meets the needs of daily compost tea users including mid-size farms, landscape contractors, garden centers, and compost facilities. The System100’s patented design and industrial grade components ensures efficient and reliable compost tea production.


 Kompost-Extraktionsgerät KES 100/400
KES 100/400

Compost-Extraction-System 500/2000TM

The System 500 is built to accommodate the large acreage operation. A favorite size of large scale growers and golf course superintendants, the System500 is built to withstand frequent use in a variety of applications.


 Kompost-Extraktionsgerät KES 500/2000
KES 500/2000


Our BIONIKA certified Extract-Compost, is specially made for the production of liquid Compost-Extracts. It is made from a carefully selected blend of raw materials and contains a balanced combination of nutrients, as well as a great diversity of aerobic microlife, which is beneficial to plants and soils alike. The use of BIONIKA Extract-Compost guarantees the desired positive results of Compost-Extract application to plants and soils. BIONIKA Extract-compost is certified for use in organic agriculture.

The success of BIONIKA Compost-Extract (BIONIKA KEX-Compost) are so convincing, that Bionika KEX-compost is being used in many European countries and even exported to Africa.


BIONIKA Extrakt-Kompost
BIONIKA certified Extract-Compost 


Our Compost-Extraction-Catalyst is a unique blend of ingredients formulated to stimulate diverse microbial growth during aerated compost tea production. In addition to seaweed extract, humic acid and mineral powder, our Catalyst contains an array of select botanical ingredients without the use of simple sugars. Our Compost Tea Catalyst is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production, and the majority of ingredients are certified organic.



Kataylst BIONIKA


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