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Compost-Extraction-System 100/400TM

Kompost-Extraktionsgerät KES 100/400

The System100, our most popular model, is ideal for operations of 10 to 50 acres. This durable System meets the needs of daily compost tea users including mid-size farms, landscape contractors, garden centers, and compost facilities. The System100’s patented design and industrial grade components ensures efficient and reliable compost tea production.


  • Patented Compost-Extraction-System design
  • Fine Bubble Diffusion technology
  • Industrial grade components
  • Unmatched ease of cleaning
  • Durable and easy-to-handle compost basket

Tank capacity 100 gallons/400 liters
Aeration Fine Bubble Diffusion
Air delivery Siemens® regenerative air blower
Power 110V/220V
Tank/Stand UV stabilized polyethylene
Valves/fittings Banjo® glass-filled polypropylene
Fasteners 18-8 Stainless steel
Weight 250 pounds/114 kilos
Dimensions 64 x 54 x 56 inches
163 x 137 x 140 centimeters
Brew time 24 hours


Mikro-Bläschen Diffusion Kompost-Extrakt-Katalysator Siemens Rückkopplungs Gebläse
Micro-Bubble-Diffusion Compost-Extract-Catalyst Siemens Regenerative Blower

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