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Who uses Compost-Extracts

Our line of Compost Extraction Systems are useful in all fields of agriculture as well as the full spectrum of environmental applications like horticulture, landscaping, turf and grasslands, public recreation areas, etc. and of course they are applied in research and science.


Below you will see the specific sectors where we are currently active. If you have a particular use that is unique to the areas identified below, please contact us and we can address your interests.

Kompost-Extrakt (KEX) Anwendung in der Land- und Forstwirtschaft Kompost-Extrakt (KEX) Anwendung im Wein- und Obstbau Kompost-Extrakt (KEX) Anwendung in der Landschaftsgestaltung

 Agriculture and Forestry

Viticulture / Fruit Production


Kompost-Extrakt (KEX) Anwendung im Gartenbau Kompost-Extrakt (KEX) Anwendung bei Rasen

Kompost-Extrakt (KEX) Anwendung in der Forschung

Horticulture Turf Research

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