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Following a list of downloads in regard to Compost-Extracts (KEX) and related topics

For download as PDFs

“C-Sequestrierungspotential und Eignung von Torfersatzstoffen, hergestellt aus Produkten der Landschaftspflege und Biochar”
Vergleichende Kompost-Studie Justus-Liebig-Universität Gießen

“C-Sequestrationpotential and suitability of peat moss substitutes, made from products of landcare and Biochar”

At the moment the study is only available in German.
We working on the translation. 

The study results showed that BIONIKA-Extract-Compost furthered plant growth best (of all substrates compared), produced the lowest amount of greenhouse gasses and nutrient availability was most ideal, without the problem of loss through leaching or other types of losses.


     Further literature recommendations will follow soon…

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